Artistic photographs with endangered birds

Some say I am slightly obsessed with the Hyacinth Macaw, locally known as “Arara-azul” (the largest parrot in the world), an endangered species only found in the Pantanal, Brazil. Their feathers are deep striking blue with a distinct yellow brim around their eyes and beak.

Araras spend most of their time around fazendas except during the hottest part of the day, when they take shelter from the heat. It took 2 weeks of carefully studying their behavior in order for me to maximize my photographic opportunities: location, time of day and light.

Every photograph was strategic, trying to get the birds flying in a particular direction according to the set and light, getting discreetly closer, over and over again as the birds moved onto the next tree. After chasing Araras for about an hour, I got to cement my vision.


One thought on “Artistic photographs with endangered birds

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