Great Land Art works from FIAC 2014 (International Contemporary Art Fair)

Land Art (also known as Earth Works) was created around the sixties and first took place in the American landscape. It designates artwork which uses the landscape itself while using natural materials and water.

Title: Dripping
Artist: Pier FABRE

This scene is made from 300 coloured strings. They slowly end in transparency, reminiscent of droplets. The lines and vibrant red colour creates a visual effect that plays with the perceived volume of the waterfall while increasing the scenic outcome of this waterfall.
PIC 2:
Title: Eruption
Artist: Anaïs LELIEVRE

In a lake of a volcanic region, the Artist Anais Lelievre, printed enlarged tongue papilla and pasted it to floating round disks. This vivid red mass around the water creates a volcanic lava effect. She makes a comparison between the relationship of lava with earth and the tongue with our body: flesh and a vital organ.
PIC 3:
Title: Nuage
Artist: Yuhsin U CHANG

This photograph shows a sculpture of a moving cloud made of wool. He gives a new sense of life to this material and reminds us of what is alive in what first appears as a barren, lifeless plain.


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