«How did you start integrating living animals in your work ?» – «They came into my work»

Extract from a conference with artist Michel Blazy – 23th October 2014 – FIAC Hors les murs

« How did you start integrating living animals in your work ? »« They came into my work » replied Michel Blazy, and he meant it literally…
This French artist is well known for his artwork in decomposition. He plays with the cycle of life, because in nature nothing completely disappears. It changes shape and passes from being human food for instance to being food for micro organisms. If a plant dies another one grows and the material just changes shape and proprieties in an infinite circle.
So the artist plays with it, and invented “Le Bar à Carpaccio” (« The Carpaccio Bar»), where the public is invited to eat carpaccio in a mosquito breeding, allowing the mosquito to suck your blood.

Tables auto nettoyantes – Photo Martin Argyroglo

He also created « Les tables auto-nettoyantes » (the « auto-cleaning table »). Not exactly the super technological table, but a table that contains ant hills in each table base, the 3 tables are connected by brooms, and each base has water to prevent the ants from leaving the tables. So you can eat, and ants will come to clean your dishes.

Lacher d'escargot - photo de Martin Argyroglo
Lacher d’escargot – photo de Martin Argyroglo

He created a « painting » done by snails in a carpet « Le lâcher d’escargot, 2012» (« The snail release »).

As an artist I asked him how he does it with the snails: « I bring them 24h before the exhibition opening, put them to work and then I take them back to my garden ».

Thank you Michel Blazy for bringing wildlife into museums!

For more information about his work : http://www.galerieartconcept.com/2012/?page_id=164


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