Arrival in the Pantanal

Let’s go back in time in this blog!

For wildlife enthusiasts a number of wild places immediately spring to mind, such as the Serengeti in Tanzania, the Amazon Rainforest, the wild bio-diverse jungles of Central America or perhaps the Kavango Delta in Botswana. It is the latter that the Pantanal (a Brazilian region) has been compared to most frequently. A landscape of change, that completely transforms from one season to the next. During the wet season up to 80% of this vast landscape becomes completely submerged under water for months on end. During this time it is almost impossible to get around, therefore, the vehicle of choice becomes a boat. It is the largest wetland area anywhere in the world sprawling over an area of nearly 200,000 square kilometres.

The dry season, however, offers a very different experience and perhaps the best in terms of wildlife-viewing. As waters shrink and animals become thirst driven by the intense heat they are drawn to small pockets of water like magnets. With such an astonishing array of wildlife, including up to 665 bird, 263 fish, 95 mammal and 162 reptile species concentrated in small areas due to the dwindling rivers and waterways it becomes relatively easy to view them. Furthermore, at close proximity as tourists use the remaining rivers as their vantage point. Put quite simple it is one of the easiest places in the world to view wildlife. Therefore, Pantanal showed-up to be the best place to shoot Nostalgia of the lost paradise, an utopia of people living in harmony with animals.


After Bonito, where I had the chance to photograph a child with a snake, and after a long night celebrating the winter festival, I was on the road again, with well, quite a hangover. The bus dropped me in the middle of nowhere, where the only building is a federal police station: “Burraco das piranhas”, and the heat is overwhelming. The lodge where I would stay was so off the beaten tracks, that it would take a jeep trip and a boat trip to reach the place.  So, enjoy the ride! This video is from the boat trip to get to the farm where I would stay 1 month and a half and where most photographs of Nostalgia of the lost paradise took place. Just from this trip, I was already in love: I saw caimans, wild pigs, birds, butterflies and more birds…


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