“How can I tell you that I was scare” – extact from Nunez 85 exhibition

How can I tell you that I was scared” – Guillermo Nunez

This artwork is currently exhibited in the MAC (Museum of Contemporary Art) of Santiago de Chile, in a retrospective of the artist untitled: Nunez 85 Drawing with blood in the eye“.

The chilean artist, winner of the National Prize for Plastic Arts in 2007, is well-known for the extraordinary grahic of his work as well as his untiring compromise to Chilean societal scene. He worked for Salvador Allende election and was an active resistant during the dictatorship which led him to be twice arrested and finally expelled from Chile.

 This artwork  depicts censorship, the graphic reflects “pop art” and “affichistes” influences on Nunez’s work while he lived and worked in New York in the mid-60’s.



This second photograph shows a later work, with a more expansionist character. Each work is a delicate dialectic between destruction, violence, covering, shaping, but still with fluid traits and masses. He uses simple chromatic with a prevalence of black. He mainly works with acrylic, but some works contain pieces of lines or compresses adding strength to its composition.

Nunez gracefully expresses the violence and oppression of Chilean society, the fear and scarfs which are recently being open to scream.


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