Landscape Photography Retouching – LR presets review

Although I barely retouch my landscape photographs, I have been asked to review a landscape photography post-production workflow by Sleeklens. It began as an unusual task for me, but I started digging into old pictures and alternating them in a fast way.

I’ve always been critical towards hard retouching, exaggerated saturation or clarity in landscape photography. And so this review comes from a moderate retoucher.

Once brushes and presets installed into Lightroom,I started my exploration with old photographs I’ve taken a couple of years ago with a bridge camera. Photographs are usually plain compared to those taken with a Reflex, although quality is good enough.

The most interesting thing about this photograph, is, in my opinion, the wave and its strength, and that is what I highlighted with retouching. I used the Subtle White preset, and an awesome brush called “Water definition”. This later helped me sharpen the wave and give it more strength. 

And here is a close-up

I tried this brush with another photography of waves. Actually, those photographs were taken in South Africa, in Tsitsikamma for the first one, and Cape of  Good Hope for the second one. It is where two oceans meet, and waves can only move you. Below, I used a preset and “water definition” brush.

Actually, for people who do not have great equipment, it is an easy and fast way to improve your photographs. For professionals, it provides ideas and a working base. Overall, I found presets and the water definition brush very helpful, but I didn’t really dig into other brushes. Anyway, below are some other cool retouching I came up with. 

This photograph was originally taken with a reflex camera in Val Thorens (France). I already love very much the original one, the clouds and snow are just perfect, but I left here two option of retouching. they both create very distinct ambients, from the original and between each other. One softens the photograph, and the other sharpens it and make it almost crepuscular. 

Below other trials with snowy pics!

and here is a link to buy this workflow:


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