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Bat and Dove by Mel Chin – are wars that black and white?


Bat and Dove – Mel Chin – 2007

So, I have not posted in a while. Being back in the city, I have been busy with usual worries.

But guess what, I am actualy from Paris. Thanksfully, nothing happened to my family nor friends on this sad friday 13th.

I have been trying to take a position on this terrorist attack and more important on France foreign policy.

We are being attacked by terrorists grown in France, who reproach us about bombs attack in Syria against radicals. At the begining of Syria’s war our press and media turned us against Assad’s dictatorship. Now, a coalition is being hold against Daesh, and we are now supporting Assad’s dicatorship.

And so, in the middle of all this press, trying to put a name on the evil and a name on the good ones, I found this painting. It’s easier when things are black and white, but those are just colours, the real matter is that we are fighting.